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Epicurean has been developing high-quality kitchenware since 2004. Its products use a specially developed wood composite that was originally used to build eco-friendly skate ramps. Epicurean’s creators found that the wood composite material worked fantastically well as wooden chopping boards due to its non-porous, durable qualities. The company started developing its Epicurean chopping boards and discovered the wood composite material was also knife-friendly, dishwasher-friendly and heat-resistant.


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Epicurean Chopping Boards & Kitchen Utensils

Despite the new purpose of the wood composite material, the brand has been able to maintain its same eco-friendly approach with every Epicurean cutting board and all Epicurean kitchen utensils.

Epicurean is a proud American brand, with all aspects of manufacturing occurring in the USA. So, if you’re wondering where to buy Epicurean cutting boards in the UK, your best bet is here, at CLNRY.


Epicurean – Cutting and chopping boards of the highest quality

Epicurean chopping boards are a step-up from standard wooden chopping boards in almost every way. The boards are immensely durable due to the tough demands of their skate ramp origins and are non-porous, meaning they can be used for meat and vegetables with only a brief rinse needed in between use. They are also stain-resistant and will wash off cleanly and safely in the dishwasher. The boards can handle high heats without the risk of scorch marks, so work excellently as table protectors when serving food out of hot trays, pots and pans.


One major advantage of Epicurean cutting boards is their knife-friendly properties. The knife-friendly chopping boards are harder than regular wooden boards but are easily scored, meaning your kitchen knives can move through the material with minimal blunting. The less time you spend sharpening your knives, the more time you can spend prepping and enjoying the cooking experience.


Epicurean’s products are also built to last and the materials used in the wood composite have been carefully chosen with an eco-friendly frame of mind. The brand uses production processes that minimise and recycle waste as much as possible. Epicurean has an exquisite range of chopping boards to choose from, differing in style and purpose. Find more detail about the Epicurean chopping boards range, below.


Epicurean Kitchen Series

The Epicurean Kitchen Series is the brand’s original, classic chopping board range. Their thin, lightweight material offers easy manoeuvrability and the practical utility hook-hole makes storage a breeze. The boards are a must-have for any home kitchen and are available in a multitude of sizes and colours.


The Epicurean Kitchen Series cutting boards vary in size from as small as 8-by-6-inches to as large as 17.5-by-13-inches, moving through sizes 11.5-by-9-inches and 14.5-by-11.25-inches along the way. The colour variations include natural, nutmeg and slate. The Epicurean Series cutting boards are ideal for everyday prep, such as dicing onions, slicing carrots and chopping chicken.


Epicurean All-In-One Series

The Epicurean All-In-One Series extracts the most popular aspects of all Epicurean chopping boards and moulds them into one product. The board features a lightweight, tough material similar to that of the Kitchen Series, but implements four, gripped feet for added stability and a deep juice groove on one face to collect any escaping liquids.


The Epicurean All-In-One Series cutting board, sometimes referred to as the Epicurean cutting board non-slip, is separated into three different sizes and two colourways. The size range increases from 10-by-7-inches to 11.5-by-9-inches and 17.5-by-13-inches. The two colour options are natural, where the wood composite is on display in its raw, as-nature-intended form, and slate: a deep, all-black design giving a slate-like effect.


An advantage of an Epicurean cutting board with juice groove is that liquids, oils and juices created by food can sit away from the main chopping area of the board so as not to interfere with any additional preparation. The juice groove also reduces spillage, keeping kitchens cleaner, meaning you can happily get to work on slicing foods like tomatoes and go wild with glazing on ingredients like salmon.


Epicurean Gourmet Series

The Epicurean Gourmet Series adds a robust, heavy-duty element to the classic Epicurean cutting boards. The material is thicker and tougher, giving you extra confidence when tackling bigger preparation tasks. Epicurean Gourmet Series cutting boards are also equipped with a juice groove, separating liquids from the preparation area.


The Epicurean Gourmet Series cutting boards can be purchased in two sizes: 14.5-by-11.25-inches and 17.5-by-13-inches. The design of the Epicurean Gourmet cutting board is riveting, merging the popular slate and natural colourways to create an eye-catching product. With the addition of the juice groove and chunkier material, Epicurean Gourmet Series cutting boards are perfect for butchering meat and chopping up juicy fruits like oranges.


Epicurean Chopping Boards Material

The list of benefits of Epicurean cutting boards is endless, so you might be wondering: what are Epicurean cutting boards made of? The answer is a wood composite material called Richlite.


The Richlite material is created by layering hundreds of food-safe, resin-soaked sheets of paper and exposing them to extreme pressures and heat. The result is one, fused piece of material that is incredibly strong but maintains the charm and texture of natural wood. The Epicurean cutting board material can easily be painted to create a variety of effects. An Epicurean slate cutting board, for example, possesses the same striking contrast as a slate chopping board despite being made entirely out of wood.


Epicurean Kitchen Tools and Utensils

The list of Epicurean kitchen products continues to expand with its master-crafted wood composite material being applied to an impressive range of kitchen tools and utensils. The tools and utensils maintain the same raw feel of wood but possess anti-cracking and stain-proof properties, making them a shoo-in for any kitchen. They are also safe to go in the dishwasher without fear of deterioration.


The Epicurean Kitchen Series contains Epicurean spoons, working in a similar way to traditional wooden spoons but with all the benefits of the Epicurean wood composite material. The spoons are available in small and large and are 12 inches in length. The choice of colour is a toss-up between slate and natural. The large spoons are best suited to stirring and serving hearty portions of soup and sauce-based dishes, whereas the small spoons are better for tasting food in-between stirring.


Caring for Epicurean Kitchen Tools & Chopping Boards

Epicurean prides itself on its products being hassle-free and easy to clean. The material of all Epicurean cutting boards and kitchen tools is dishwasher safe, so either rinse your product in hot soapy water or slot it straight into the dishwasher after use.


The wood composite used to make Epicurean kitchen tools and chopping boards is made of hundreds of layers of paper, so there is a risk of the surface warping if not treated carefully. To avoid your Epicurean cutting board from becoming warped, ensure you dry your product upright and on edge before you put it away.


Although the surface of Epicurean kitchen products is stain-proof, some highly alkaline foods may pose a staining risk. If ingredients like red beetroot, papaya, spinach and liver are exposed to your products for prolonged periods, you may need to give them a clean with a non-abrasive household cleaner. With the appropriate Epicurean cutting board care, you can ensure your product continues to perform at its best for years to come.