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HaptIQ by Scanpan

The HaptIQ range from Scanpan comprises a plethora of elite cookware, tested and developed in collaboration with professional chefs. The pots and pans in Scanpan’s HaptIQ range feature a composite, fiver-layer construction. Launched in 2019, the cookware in Scanpan’s HaptIQ range is suitable for all hob types including induction, can be used in the oven up to 260°C and is dishwasher safe.

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Scanpan HaptIQ – For professional home cooking

The multi-layered design is composed of an aluminium core to ensure efficient heat conduction and distribution, a mirror-polished stainless-steel exterior for an eye-catching finish, and the redefined Stratanium+ non-stick coating for an added degree of toughness to the already exceptional Stratanium surface. 


Scanpan’s HaptIQ range

The HaptIQ range from Scanpan includes an impressive variety of cookware for all tasks in the kitchen. Every pot and pan features Scanpan’s state of the art Stratanium+ non-stick coating and is finished with an elegant, stainless-steel exterior.


The Scanpan HaptIQ Non-Stick Frying Pan provides optimal performance when searing, browning or frying food. The pan is available from as small as 20cm to as large as 32cm – with plenty of options in between. The HaptIQ Non-Stick Frying Pan 20cm and 24cm are perfect for toasting nuts, frying eggs, and cooking delicate fish; they also make for an attractive serving dish. The HaptIQ Non-Stick Frying Pan 26cm and 28cm are ideal for making crepes, stir-frying vegetables and tackling cheesy meals like quesadillas. The HaptIQ Non-Stick Frying Pan 32cm is great for cooking large sharing dishes like Spanish tortillas and vegetable frittatas, as well as searing hearty portions of meats like steak. Each pan features a comfortable handle that avoids reaching unholdable temperatures. The pans are also suitable for the oven and are dishwasher-friendly.


The HaptIQ range from Scanpan also includes the HaptIQ Chef Pan. The chef pan is incredibly versatile and easy to manoeuvre with its twin handles. The high, sloped sides give added depth to the pan and keep food cooking as you stir or whisk. The HaptIQ Chef Pan With Lid 32cm is perfect for controlling evaporation, as the large mouth of the pan makes reductions quick and manageable while the lid retains moisture to achieve your desired consistency. This makes the pan ideal for cooking risotto, reducing flavourful sauces, thickening custard and much more. It is also practical for dishes that start on the hob and end in the oven thanks to its oven-friendly design. 


The HaptIQ Sauté Pan is a welcome addition to any kitchen. The pan is available in two varieties as the HaptIQ Sauté Pan With Lid 28cm and the HaptIQ Deep Sauté Pan With Lid 26cm. The straight sides of the sauté pans create a large surface area, making them well-suited to searing large cuts of meat and minimising spillage from sauce-based dishes like spicy bean casserole or Thai green curry. The accompanying lid helps to lock heat and moisture into the pan, preventing dishes like chilli con carne from becoming too dry. The sauté pans are oven-proof up to 260°C and suitable for use on all hobs, including induction. 


The HaptIQ Wok 32cm is most-appropriately used for cooking food on a very high heat. The dense structure provides even heat distribution throughout the wok, making it perfect for stir-frying vegetables and meat and is a must-have for any professional or home chef interested in Chinese cuisine. Aside from stir-frying, The HapIQ Wok from Scanpan can be used effectively for making buttery popcorn, steaming dumplings, deep-frying crispy chicken, and smoking delicate fish. The wok comes equipped with two handles for added support and comfort while cooking. 


The HaptIQ Saucepan from Scanpan is available in two sizes as the HaptIQ Saucepan With Lid 16cm (1.8L) and the HaptIQ Saucepan With Lid 18cm (2.5L). The saucepans excel at cooking any dishes that are mostly liquid-based. They are an ideal tool for cooking rice, boiling potatoes, stewing beef and carrots, simmering pasta sauces, and plenty more. The HaptIQ Saucepans are paired with a lid to maintain maximum heat and control moisture levels. The saucepans are oven-proof up to 260°C (including the lid) and suitable for use on all hobs, including induction. 


Scanpan’s HaptIQ Dutch Ovens are capable of creating a multitude of delicious dishes. The varieties of Dutch oven are the HaptIQ Dutch Oven With Lid 20cm (3.5L), the HaptIQ Dutch Oven With Lid 24cm (4.8L), and the HaptIQ Dutch Oven With Lid 26cm (6.5L). The Dutch Ovens are designed with long, straight sides to maximise depth and evenly transfer heat from edge-to-edge. Their large capacities make them ideal for sizeable one-pot meals, such as a rich pork stew, a hearty minestrone, a chicken and leek pie, and much more. The HaptIQ Dutch Ovens are easily manoeuvred around the kitchen due to their twin handled and suitable for use on the hob as well as in the oven. 


Stratanium+ - the secret of Scanpan HaptIQ

Scanpan HaptIQ is unrivalled thanks to its state-of-the-art, commercial-grade, Stratanium+ non-stick surface – a regeneration of the famous Stratanium surface. 


Scanpan developed Stratanium after years of keen attention to detail and dedication to innovation. The surface possesses excellent food-release properties while demonstrating fantastic durability and toughness – working flawlessly even with metal utensils. Stratanium achieves the perfect level of crispiness or browning with no need for oil or fat – making it a much healthier alternative when frying or searing. It is also completely PFOA/PFOS free and is wonderfully easy to clean; the surface will survive in the dishwasher but is best washed by hand for guaranteed longevity and quality. 


When tested against other market-leading non-stick coatings, Scanpan claims that Stratanium achieves a 30% better result when it comes to strength and food-release capabilities. The surface is created through a five-step construction process. Multiple layers of large and small particles are used to reinforce the thermal-sprayed non-stick layer, increasing overall thickness and preventing rapid deterioration while simultaneously generating a remarkable food-release.


As well as seeking innovative ways to upgrade the quality of its products, Scanpan also challenges itself to improve the sustainability of its production. Because of this ideology, the Stratanium core is made from 100% recycled aluminium. 


With the development of Stratanium+ in more recent years, Scanpan has created a commercial-grade non-stick surface that defeats all when it comes to durability and toughness. Used in the HaptIQ range, the new surface also boasts better frying capabilities due to the rough surface created by micro-holes allowing for a more efficient food-release. This gives the Stratanium+ surface an added edge to achieve masterful browning and crispiness. Stratanium+ maintains the same easy-clean properties, can be used on all hobs (including induction) and can handle oven temperatures up to 260°C.


How to care for your HaptIQ pots & pans

While your HaptIQ cookware is dishwasher-friendly, it is advised that you clean and rinse your cookware after every use using warm soapy water and a sponge. Due to the immense toughness of Scanpan’s HaptIQ cookware, you can happily use any natural brush, nylon brush or scourer for tougher cleaning situations without the risk of damaging the non-stick surface or stainless-steel exterior. 


Before you store your HaptIQ cookware away, ensure that your cookware is properly cleaned. Any food residue may cause a sticking effect the next time it is in use, jeopardising the quality of your next cook. If necessary, re-clean your cookware with hot water before storing away. To guarantee your cookware will remain scratch and scuff-free, do not stack your Scanpan HaptIQ cookware on top of one another without some form of protective layer. 


While using your HaptIQ cookware, it is imperative that you do not overheat your pot or pan to avoid a reduction in non-stick performance and any scorch-marks affecting the equipment. You can purchase any Scanpan HaptIQ piece of cookware with the assurance of a 10-year warranty.