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Scanpan have designed, developed and manufactured world class cookware in Denmark for over 60 years. Specialising in high quality non-stick cookware and kitchenware, Scanpan produce a wide assortment of products with an uncompromising approach to both design and sustainability.
At their production site in Denmark, the techniques and experience of Scanpan's craftsmen have enabled them to produce hand-casted non-stick pots and pans from 100% recycled aluminium. Each aluminium pan passes through 8 sets of hands before it's ready to leave the factory.

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The HaptIQ range from Scanpan features a composite 5-layer construction, composed of an aluminium core for optimal heat distribution, a polished stainless-steel exterior for a sleek durable finish and the enhanced Stratanium+ coating for unrivalled hardness and non-stick properties that doesn’t compromise on cooking performance.  Launched in 2019, the range is suitable for all hob types including induction, can be used in the oven up to 260°C and is dishwasher safe. The Scanpan HaptIQ range is made in Denmark.



The TechnIQ range from Scanpan was developed in partnership with professional chefs resulting in cookware that’s perfect for enthusiasts and home chefs alike. An aluminium core is coated in Stratanium+ commercial grade non-stick for exceptional food release and searing. The Modern Skillets feature low slanted sides, perfect for turning foods cooking at high temperatures, while the extra-long handles keep the pans balanced and manoeuvrable. Launched in 2019, these pans are suitable for all hob types including induction, can be used in the oven up to 260°C and are dishwasher safe. The Scanpan TechnIQ range is made in Denmark.


Maitre D’ Cast Iron

The rustic Maitre D’ Cast Iron range is perfect for both cooking and serving beautiful dishes. Designed to withstand high cooking temperatures, the cast iron pans are naturally non-stick as they come pre-seasoned in soybean oil. The nature of cast iron means the pans will retain their heat for reliable, balanced cooking. Suitable for all stove types including induction, the pans can also be used in the oven and their eye-catching design makes them perfect for oven-to-table cooking. The Scanpan Maitre D’ Cast Iron range is made in China. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Which Scanpan range is best?

We stock both the TechnIQ and HaptIQ ranges which both feature Scanpan’s revolutionary Stratanium+ for commercial grade non-stick cooking. The HaptIQ range features a high-polished, eye-catching stainless-steel outer, whilst the TechnIQ range is coated entirely in the patented non-stick coating for a more rustic look. Both ranges can be used on all stove types, both are ovenproof up to 260°C and both are dishwasher safe.


Are Scanpan pans dishwasher safe?

Both the Scanpan HaptIQ and TechnIQ ranges are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. The Maitre D’ Cast Iron range is not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed in order to preserve the pans natural non-stick seasoning.


Are Scanpan frying pans suitable for induction hobs?

The HaptIQ, TechnIQ and Maitre D’ Cast Iron ranges are suitable for all hob types including induction, gas, halogen, ceramic and electric.


Are Scanpan frying pans oven proof?

The HaptIQ and TechnIQ ranges are both suitable for oven cooking, and are ovenproof up to temperatures of 260°C. The Maitre D’ Cast Iron range is fully ovenproof.


Where is Scanpan cookware made?

Scanpan has retained its proud history of manufacturing according to traditional craftsmanship techniques. The Scanpan HaptIQ and TechnIQ ranges are made in Ryomgård in Denmark. The exception to the Made in Denmark rule is the Maitre D’ Cast Iron range which is made in China to the same quality standards as the rest of the Scanpan ranges.


Is Scanpan cookware environmentally friendly?

Scanpan has a long history of sustainable production, with a focus on environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced materials. Scanpan use 100% recycled aluminium in their pans, repurposing old food and drinks cans into a high-quality alloy that meets their exceptional quality standards. In addition, that focus on superior quality ensures the lifetime of Scanpan cookware is longer, meaning you won’t be replacing your cookware as often which keeps more pans out of landfill.


What is Stratanium+?

Scanpan introduced Stratanium back in 2017, breaking the boundaries of what non-stick coatings could do. Then in 2019, they went even further with the launch on Stratanium+. Stratanium+ is Scanpan’s top of the range commercial-grade non-stick coating which has been tested and approved by professional chefs. This ultra-durable coating enables cooks to use metal utensils whilst offering optimal cooking performance. The slightly rough surface delivers crisp cooking even without oil.


Do I need to season Maitre D’ Cast Iron pans?

The Maitre D’ Cast Iron pans come pre-seasoned, meaning that they’ve already had a thin layer of fat bonded to the cooking surface to give the pans their non-stick cooking properties. Cooking with acidic foods, like to citrus or tomatoes, will erode the non-stick seasoning so this should be avoided, as should washing the pans in the dishwasher or with excessive amounts of detergent. A simple wash with hot water, wiping dry afterwards should suffice.


What is the warranty on Scanpan?

Scanpan offers a 10 year warranty that guarantees against faults and/or defects in the materials or manufacturing process. It does not cover wear and tear, commercial use or accidental damage or misuse.


Where to buy Scanpan cookware?

You can purchase a wide range of Scanpan cookware from We stock Scanpan HaptIQ, TechnIQ and Maitre D’ Cast Iron ranges, with everything from skillets and saute pans to roasters and bistro pans. We offer Free Deliver on all orders over £50 with same day dispatch for all orders placed before 2pm, Mon-Sat. Orders placed after 2pm or on Sundays will be dispatched the next working day. For more information on delivery, click here.