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TechnIQ by Scanpan

The TechnIQ range from Scanpan challenges convention and pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with cookware. The range has been shaped and refined in collaboration with professional chefs to produce cutting-edge performance. The TechnIQ range twists traditional cookware to create new angles, shapes and sizes that entice professional and home chefs alike.

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Scanpan TechnIQ Cookware

The pots and pans are engulfed in Scanpan’s commercial-grade Stratanium+ non-stick coating for unparalleled food-release capabilities and immense durability. TechnIQ cookware is suitable for all hobs, including induction, and can withstand up to 260°C in the oven. The range is designed and made in Denmark. 


Scanpan TechnIQ – Modern cookware developed by professionals

The TechnIQ range by Scanpan sits at the forefront of high-performance cookware. The non-stick coating that surrounds each piece is Scanpan’s Stratanium+ technology which has been developed over the years with professional chefs. 


Stratanium+ is a reformation of the famous Stratanium coating and comprises five layers of small and large hard particles, interlocking with thermally sprayed non-stick layers in a wave-like formation. This creates a revolutionary non-stick performance with the strength and durability to last. 


The exceptional food-release properties offer a healthy alternative to conventional frying as no oil or fat is needed for cooking. As well as providing a healthier way to cook, Scanpan’s TechnIQ cookware is capable of delivering crispiness and browning of the very highest standard, much to the satisfaction of professional chefs. 


The impressive strength of the Stratanium+ coating additionally means metal utensils can be used freely with no concern about damaging the non-stick coating. As well as impressive toughness, the TechnIQ range from Scanpan is also easy-clean; the cookware is safe to use in the dishwasher but is ideally rinsed with warm soapy water. 



Bringing new shapes to your kitchen: Scanpan TechnIQ

The Scanpan TechnIQ range has revolutionised the design of world-class kitchen equipment. Scanpan has collaborated with several professional chefs to analyse the performance of traditional cookware in industry-level kitchens and find new ways to improve the cooking experience. The TechnIQ range takes a bold approach in the design of its cookware, shattering the stereotypical shapes, sizes and angles of classic kitchen products. Using data and insights from seasoned professionals, the TechnIQ range is optimised in all aspects to produce exceptional culinary results. 


Introducing the Scanpan TechnIQ range

The Scanpan TechnIQ range comprises a variety of products to tackle all tasks in the kitchen. The pots and pans are all constructed out of aluminium, making them fantastic conductors of heat – reaching high temperatures quickly and maintaining the heat well. All cookware in the TechnIQ range comes with a Stratanium+ coating for an iconic non-stick performance.


The TechnIQ Modern Skillet has been meticulously designed with sharp, sloping sides making for more efficient evaporation. It also possesses a large surface area for maximum food capacity and high heat searing at its very best. The Modern Skillet is equipped with an extra-long concave handle, offering a greater distance to stay clear of heat with improved leverage for tossing. The TechnIQ Modern Skillet Non-Stick Frying Pan 22cm and 30cm, can achieve the perfect sear on meaty pork chops, a clinical fry for buttery delicate crepes, and an even cook for hearty breakfast omelettes.


The TechnIQ Bistro’s design has been master-crafted to prevent any spilling while stirring or whisking thanks to its high, rounded sides. The round shape and increased depth create a wide-spread heat transfer making the Bistro an incredibly versatile kitchen tool. The TechnIQ Bistro Non-Stick Pan 26cm (3.7L) can be used to flawlessly poach eggs, sauté large quantities of vegetables like onions and asparagus, and deep fry potatoes for perfect crispy chips. 


The Scanpan TechnIQ Windsor will enhance any chef’s ability to reduce stocks and sauces due to its long, slanting sides. The inside angles eliminate vast amounts of spillage while stirring and whisking. The TechnIQ Windsor Non-Stick Pan 22cm is the ideal piece of cookware for cooking sauces like Bolognese with the capability of frying, simmering and reducing all aspects of the sauce with ease and efficiency. 


Moulded around expert cooking techniques, Scanpan’s TechnIQ The Square is an industry-leading roasting tray with remarkable efficiency on the hob as well as in the oven. The thick, sturdy design makes The Square a fantastic retainer of heat, which is evenly distributed to all areas of the pan. There are few better kitchen tools to use than the TechnIQ The Square Non-Stick Roasting Pan 28x28cm and 32x32cm for perfect roast potatoes – starting on the hob and finishing in the oven or slow-cooked pork shoulder with all the trimmings. The Square is also an ideal piece of cookware for baking extra-large loaves of focaccia or creamy chicken and mushroom pies. 



Cooking with Scanpan TechnIQ

Every product in Scanpan’s TechnIQ range is wonderfully versatile, making cooking a joyful and productive experience. Thanks to the revolutionary Stratanium+ non-stick coating used to construct each piece of cookware, the entire TechnIQ range can be used on all hobs (including induction) as well as in the oven up to 260°C.


The sensational food-release capabilities of the TechnIQ cookware means the perfect crust, sear and fry can be achieved – all without the need for oil or fat. The rough surface of the TechnIQ pots and pans creates micro-holes that enhance the frying experience and generate exciting crackling and crisping sounds.


How to care for your Scanpan TechnIQ

To ensure your Scanpan TechnIQ cookware maintains its superlative performance, it is imperative that the appropriate cleaning and care methods are used.


Keeping your TechnIQ pots and pans clean is essential for consistent results in the kitchen. Once you have finished cooking with your equipment, rinse and wash it with hot, soapy water. The material used to form the cookware is tough, so you can use a scourer, nylon brush or natural brush to tackle any tougher cleaning jobs. TechnIQ products are dishwasher-friendly, but it’s best to refrain from using this method of cleaning on a regular basis. 


When storing your TechnIQ cookware, it is advised to avoid stacking multiple products on top of one another without a protective cover. This will reduce the risk of scratches, scuffs and other damages occurring to the surface of your kitchen tools. It is also important to check that your cookware has been properly cleaned; a build-up of fat residue in the pan could risk forming onto the surface and impeding your future cooking experiences.


You should always pay attention to the heat of your TechnIQ pot or pan while cooking as overheating may cause damage to the non-stick performance and create scorch-marks to the exterior. All Scanpan TechnIQ products come with the assurance of a 10-year warranty.