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Founded over 200 years ago and still in family hands, the Wüsthof brand sits atop the world of kitchen knife makers. Just as they did 200 years ago, Wüsthof still produces all their knives in Solingen, Germany; the city of blades and a symbol of their commitment to quality.
Shop Wüsthof for quality kitchen knives, chef's knives, paring knives, Santoku's and more. All available as individual kitchen knives as well as part of their respective Knife Sets and Knife blocks.

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Wüsthof Collections



As the name suggests the Crafter Series represents Wüsthof’s homage to over 200 years of knife making. The traditional rustic styling is elevated by handles made from water-resistant smoked oak, interlocking brass rivets and specially hardened steel. The outcome is a robust, ergonomic, working knife range made to exceptional standards of quality. Each blade is forged from a single piece of steel which lends it stability and balance in your hand and each knife features the iconic Wüsthof logo embossed into the handle.



A marriage of German precision with Japanese design. That’s the inspiration behind the Epicure Series. The distinctive handles are designed for optimal comfort a cutting control and are made from a lightweight, natural composite, giving them the feel of wood and the strength of steel. The Epicure range are all forged from a single piece of steel, which enables a fully exposed tang along it’s spine, whilst each knife is also buffed by hand to finish. This range also features a showpiece


Classic IKON

The Classic IKON Series from Wüsthof seeks to combine excellent ergonomics, perfect balance and supreme sharpness in an agile and robust set of kitchen knives. Featuring a distinctive double bolster at each end of the polypropylene handle, these blades are designed for optimal handling. Each knife is forged from a single piece of steel and features a classic triple riveted handle, with the iconic ‘Trident’ logo laser embossed on the butt of each handle. The Classic IKON range is also supplied by Wüsthof to the German National Culinary Team.



The Classic Series from Wüsthof sets the standard against which all kitchen knives are measured. Wüsthof have developed a range of over 70 different blade shapes ensuring there’s a knife for every job. Each knife goes through 55 different stages in the manufacturing process before being subjected to 20 uncompromising quality checks. The Classic Series features full tang construction and a triple rivet design on a handle made from polypropylene for a robust and durable construction.



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sharpen my Wüsthof knives?

Wüsthof knives are designed to stay sharp, but it’s advisable to hone your blades with a sharpening steel regularly. Do this by taking your steel and running the blade edge down the steel at a 20° angle. You should do this a few times on each side of the blade edge and dry wipe with a cloth before use. Most chefs will quickly hone their knives before each use. When it comes to actually sharpening the blade, for example if the edge has become damaged or particularly dull, you’ll be looking to use either a sharpening tool or a whetstone to remove some of the feathered steel from the blade and bring it back to its designed edge.


Are Wüsthof knives dishwasher safe?

Wüsthof knives should always be handwashed with warm, soapy water after use and dried thoroughly. Although technically the Epicure, Classic and Classic IKON ranges are dishwasher safe, it’s not recommended as washing your knives in the dishwasher will hasten the dulling of the blade. Loading and unloading in a stacked dishwasher can lead to bumping or nicking the blade, whilst the drying cycle can also lead to residues drying on and marking the steel. The blades also have a tendency to damage any plastic-coated shelving or baskets found in dishwashers.


What angle are Wüsthof knives sharpened to?

Wüsthof sharpens its Epicure, Classic, Classic IKON and Crafter knives to a fine 14 degree angle on each side of the blade (28 degrees in total), with the exception of its Asian-style Santoku, Nakiri and Chai Dao knives, which are sharpened to a 10 degree angle on each side (20 degrees in total).


Which Wüsthof knives are forged?

All of the knives in the Epicure, Classic, Classic IKON and Crafter Series are precision forged from a stain-resistant, high-carbon stainless steel. Each knife is then polished and buffed by hand.


Where are Wüsthof knives made?

Wüsthof knives are made in Solingen, Germany, and have been for over 200 years. Today the company is still owned by the Wüsthof family, now in its seventh generation of family owners leading a workforce which includes over 200 master craftspeople.


What is the guarantee on Wüsthof knives?

Wüsthof offer a Lifetime Warranty on all their knives, guaranteeing against defects in material and/or craftsmanship.


What is PEtec?

PEtec is Wüsthof’s patented laser sharpening system which guarantees the specifications of each blade that leaves the Wüsthof factory. The technology was developed to consistently produce exceptionally thin cutting edges resulting in blades that are 20% sharper and that retain their edge for twice as long as traditional methods.


What type of steel does Wüsthof use?

Wüsthof knives are crafted from chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel. It has a hardness rating of HRC 58 as measured by the Rockwell scale.